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Application Method 施工方案 Base concrete - by concrete contractor 底层混凝土 – 由混凝土承包商操作 The concrete mix should be designed to minimize segregation and bleeding. Free water: cement ratios of less than 0.45 are required. The concrete should have a slump of between 75mm and 100mm. 混凝土混合料应该设计成泌水离析最小化。水灰比要求小于0.45。混凝土的塌落度应该在75mm到100mm The base concrete shall be laid and compacted in accordance with good concrete practice. Accurate finished profile and minimum laitance build up should be ensured. Particular attention should be paid to bay edges and corners to ensure full compaction. 底层混凝土应该通过优质的混凝土施工来铺设密实。需要保证准确的完成面和最少的浮浆。特别需要注意每开间的边角来保证整体的密实。 Floor hardener application – by Sika applicator 地面硬化剂施工-由西卡施工商操作 It is recommended that the floor should be marked off into bays of known area. Sufficient material should than be laid out to meet the required spread rates (5kg/m2). 建议将地面分仓浇筑,按照规定的用量 (5kg/m2) 撒足材料; Application of floor hardener can begin when the base concrete has stiffened to the point when light foot traffic leaves an imprint about 3 to 5mm. Any bleed water should now have evaporated. 当底层混凝土硬化到脚轻轻踩上去留下3-5毫米的脚印,就可以开始进行Sikafloor 3 QuartzTop的施工了。这个时候,一些泌水已经差不多蒸发了。 Floor hardner is applied in two application stages: 地面硬化剂分两步施工 The first application is made using 1/2 to 2/3 of the material required for the eventual end use. Floor hardener is evenly broadcast onto the concrete surface. 第一步将1/2到2/3的材料均匀播撒在混凝土表面; When the material becomes uniformly dark by the absorption of moisture from the concrete this first application can be floated with wooden floats, or, on large areas a power float shall be used with a round plate. 材料吸收了混凝土中的水分后会一致变暗,使用抹刀抹平。可以使用木抹刀,但对于大面积区域,需要使用带圆盘的电动收光机抹平。 Immediately after floating, the remaining floor hardener is broadcasted evenly over the surface. Again moisture is absorbed and surface can floated in the same way as before. 第一次撒播的材料抹入地面后,紧接着均匀撒播剩下的材料,材料吸水后,用与前面一样的方法抹平表面。 Final finishing of the floor using the blades of a power float can be carried out when the floor has stiffened sufficiently so that damage will not be caused. 最后使用去除圆盘的电动收光机收光,地面完全硬化之后不会被破坏。 Please note, the timing of the various stages in the above sequence will vary according to climatic conditions. High temperatures and drying winds will severely reduce the period of time available for completing the two step application. 请注意,上述顺序的各步骤所需时间会因气候条件而不同。高温和干燥的风会使完成施工的时间大大减少。 Care must be taken to ensure that the sufficient free moisture is available to completely hydrate both application of floor hardener. 需要注意,要保证地面硬化剂吸足水分。 Curing – by Sika applicator 养护—由西卡施工商操作 The floor hardener surface must be protected to prevent rapid water loss which may result in surface cracks. Immediately after final leveling, spray Sika Antisol 90 C curing compound or Sikafloor 24 Curehard, curing compound and additional surface hardener, over the floor at a rate of 0.20kg/m2. 地面硬化系统表面必须防止水份的急速流失,这将会造成表面开裂。最后一次找平后,立即以0.20kg/m2喷洒Sika Antisol 90 C养护剂或Sikafloor 24 Curehard养护剂和另外的表面硬化剂。 Waiting Time: Depending on the ambient temperature and the type of cement used in the base concrete, the pre-usage waiting time is: 24-48 hours for foot traffic, 7 to 10 days for light traffic, and 28 days for normal traffic 等待时间:受周围环境温度和底层混凝土的类型影响,预定启用时间: 24-28小时可步行,7-10天可通轻量交通,28天正常交通。 Saw-cut Joints切割缝: Saw-cut should be made within 24-72 hours after the application finished. 切割缝需在施工完成后1-3天内进行。 Sketch map of saw-cut joints 切缝示意图如下: The width of joints is about 2-3 cm, which is filled with SikaRod as a backer rod and sealed with Sikaflex 11FC. 伸缩缝的宽度一般为2厘米到3厘米,缝内填SikaRod背衬材料并用Sikaflex 11FC 聚氨酯胶密封。 For improved oil resistance, a sealer like Sikafloor 264 epoxy coating system should be applied on the floor hardner 4 weeks curing time, moisture content of the substrate < 4 %.. 如需防油性能,约4周以后或基面含水量<4%时,在地面硬化系统上施工一层Sikafloor 264环氧薄涂面层。 Sika Group Sika is an independent Swiss group found in Zurich in 1910, as a global company with a total of around 80 production and marketing companies in over 70 countries. Sika is active in the field of advanced construction chemicals dividing its activities into two business areas: Construction Division and Industry Division. With a strong innovative tradition, Sika constantly strives for new levels of excellence,this means developing innovative technologies that will open up new opportunities for the company, its employees, and its partners in trade and industry. 西卡集团 西卡于1910 年成立于瑞士苏黎世。作为一家全球公司,西卡在世界70 多个国家设立了约80 个工厂和销售公司。西卡活跃于领先的化学建材领域,主要分为以下两个领域:建筑和工业。勇于创新、坚持不懈地追求卓越是西卡公司的传统,开发新技术将为公司、员工、贸易及工业伙伴开创新机会。 Sika China Group Sika China Group is the fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss Sika Group in China. Due to the rapid expansion of Sika in China, our regional headquarter of China has moved to a new facility in Suzhou industry park in 2006, the facility will also house new Technology Competence Center. Nowadays, Sika (China) holds 7 production factories and marketing & sales network throughout China, produces and sells a full range of construction materials, including advanced PC concrete admixture (Viscocrete), PVC Waterproofing membrane system, PU sealant, all kinds of industrial flooring materials, grouting materials, strengthening and repairing & protection materials etc. Sika provides total solutions from roof to floor and strong technical support. Today Sika in China is renowned for the quality and diversity of the products it supplies in the market. Of equal importance is the level of Technical support and service we provide to our customers. 西卡中国集团 西卡中国集团是瑞士西卡集团在华的全资子公司。随着在中国业务的蓬勃发展, 西卡中国集团于2006 年将中国总部迁至苏州工业园区,同期全新的技术中心也在新一期的总部厂房设立。今天,西卡(中国)拥有7 个生产工厂和遍布全国的营销组织,生产并销售包括先进的聚羧酸盐混凝土外加剂,PVC 防水卷材系统,聚氨酯密封胶,各类工业地坪材料,灌浆材料,加固与修补材料等一系列化学建材产品。西卡为客户提供从屋面到地面–全方位的解决方案及强有力的技术支持。西卡凭着卓越品质和产品多样化雄踞中国市场。专业的技术支持和周到的服务是我们对客户不变的承诺。


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